Ambiance emerged 15 years ago as an inherently outcome of combining creativity and love of nature shared by two young Architects. The original concept of “Ecology – Man – Studio”, was born out of genuine concern to pick up pieces where nature left off by using environmental scenario of displayed resources, putting together earth’s finest material blends: glass, assorted woods and metals. Artwork is created through the hands and minds of highly skilled creative men and women committed to help preserve biodiversity. This provides not only a delightful experience to view, but also it exhorts the spectator to join the amazing world of comfort that appeals to the inner emotions in harmony that provides a sense of belonging.

Contemporary sculptures blend flawless in balance and movement as unique pieces. Brightness and transparency in open space designing was brought to completion when the processing of some of the hardest and roughest materials obtained were turned into smooth slick surfaces. Then, new fresh & challenging designs were created and hoped for the best, while bringing to spared parts unsuspected innovations resulting from reinventing concepts of classical designed furniture.

The designers have gone from combining a great variety of materials in a broad range of colors and textures found in nature to transforming carved pieces of wood and modeled iron into groundbreaking art.
Ambiance Studio - San Salvador, El Salvador | Translation by Dora de Sol | Designed by Gatz®