Ambiance was established in 1995, when two Architects Martha Jerez and Lourdes Urrutia became partners to combine their ideas of creativity and innovation for an assigned project. The original task was to renovate involving Commercial Interior Architecture. To that resultant success more followed, and in time, from the practice of furbishing environmental scenario from material layouts originated a workshop to cope with the high quality specifications demanded for each final product. The innovators had these genuine concerns: to give esthetic & utility value to renewable resources excelled the client’s expectancy in service.

In open space designs, the processing of some harsh materials obtained from a broad variety of woods & metals gave pride to create challenging designs using spared parts to show new concepts of classical costume designed furniture.

Since then, the Company has unfolded a remarkable portfolio of exclusive designs for residential and commercial purposes. Decorative Sites have been built and displayed in several countries of Central America, and at the same time the company has developed a solid reputation as an Artistic Crafts & Sculptures exhibitor and supplier.
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